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Udecide Products Choose Your Own Adventure Funny Cards

Choose Your Own Adventure with UDecide

At NobleWorks Cards, we know that our customers are an intelligent, independent lot. After all, that's why you shop here rather than at the usual types of greeting card places.

That's why we include UDecide Products in our extensive lineup of greeting cards. With these innovative, low-tech cards, you choose your own message.

How's that? Each card comes with its own message and a list of check-off boxes. Simply check the boxes that apply to the situation at hand and, bingo, you have a funny custom card entirely suitable and appropriate for any occasion.

To offer you maximum flexibility, UDecide cards are available in many categories: employment, or lack thereof; get well; thank you; baby; congratulations; and many more. Featuring eye-catching colors, clear, simple statements and convenient check-off boxes, these cards can handle just about any situation and let you handle it succinctly, efficiently and humorously. Buy them in bulk so you'll have plenty on hand for surprises. In addition to being ready for anything, you'll also save money with our bulk discounts.

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