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Boss's Day Cards

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Boss's Day is that one day of the work year when happy employees lucky enough to labor under a great supervisor, superior and/or team leader can take the time to truly show their job-related appreciation in a huge, joyous way. And NobleWorks has just the collection of cards with which to send out subordinate best wishes, big-time.

In this top boss gratefulness grouping: a golden #1 trophy shines with a crown and gold and white letters of great greetings against a dark black background; huge, orange, dimpled letters spell out extra-large, cheesy affection for the marvelous man or woman in charge; and flowers get wound around kudo letters, work shirts are plastered with gratitude, and thumbs-up are given from the entire workforce amidst spectacular pink, blue, purple, orange, yellow, green and red streaming stripes and flying multi-hued confetti - all in a concerted and good-natured effort to deliver boffo best wishes to one superlative employer.

If you and the gang in the office or at the worksite are fortunate enough to have a special manager or foreperson who makes work a pleasure rather than a pain, then be sure and reward "their" amazing achievement, on Boss's Day, with one of the apt pat-on-the-back missives gathered here for gifting.