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Ramadan Greeting Cards

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Ramadan is the month of fasting in the Muslim world, a huge holy occasion of devout worship. Deserving of a greeting card good wishes salute to all those celebrating the Islamic holiday.

On this beautiful, colorful, symbol-filled card, a blue mosque is silhouetted complete with a quarter crescent moon, topped by large Arabic white scroll lettering spelling out Happy Holiday, under a golden star and the gold outline of another mosque, all set against a vast, vivid, vibrant, lovely blue, starry background embossed with geometric shapes and outlines.

And the awesome, appealing, religious card comes with "Happy Ramadan" wording, and another marvelous, magnificent mosque silhouette, on the inside, as well. Truly, a glorious, gorgeous, heartfelt way to extend your thoughtful, touching sentiments during this worshipful occasion.