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New Greeting and Holiday Cards from NobleWorks Cards

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At NobleWorks Cards, we are all about humor and we like to freshen up our card selection on a regular basis by adding lots of funny new card designs for all occasions. So if you are looking for the latest, newest, laughter invoking cards, this is the place to see them. They all feature NobleWorks characteristic humor with sentiments expressed ranging from smile-inducing sweetness to fall-off-your-chair belly laughs.

And of course, there are lots of new quirky graphics and cartoons from many of our popular artists and designers, such as Tim Whyatt, Glen McCoy, Dan Piraro and many others. Do you gravitate to designs that feature sweet little kitties and puppies? Yes, we've gone to the cats and dogs and you'll find a bunch of fun ones here. So if you like to send a card by one particular artist, you needn't worry about sending a repeat design; there's always something new and fresh. How about new takes on retro images? They are here too! Romance comic book style art, similar to the style popularized by the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein? We have that too. Whatever your taste in humor, you'll find something new here to tickle your funnybone.

The current collection of What's New features many non-seasonal designs for everyday occasions. They run the gamut and include cards for Birthday, Get Well, Engagement, Anniversary, Wedding, Teacher and Blank. There is even a selection of birthday greetings from the cat or dog. And of course all, are printed in the U.S.A.

The selection here will change when new cards are introduced. So, where will these cards go when a new batch is introduced? You can still find them on the NobleWorks Cards site, living in the section for its appropriate category.