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Funny and Clever Birthday Cards

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Is there any bigger occasion in a person's life than their birthday? Okay, maybe their wedding, the birth of their child, or when their team finally wins the Super Bowl or World Series. But those are mere one-offs (depending on the size of your family and divorce settlements). Year by year, the biggest single personal event in anybody's life is their birthday (okay, maybe their annual sexual encounter, too).

Anyway, it's a size-large occasion, and NobleWorks has an appropriately huge selection of cards to choose from in order to honor that special someone's latest and perhaps greatest birthday. In a truly tasteless, hilarious, colorful, clever, snarky and sensational manner.

Every joke and sight gag ever devised by man or woman is represented here in bright, bold, cartoon and photographic glory, for a full-frontal fantastic assault on that special birthday boy or girl's funny bone. Sexy ladies, Hillary, classic crazy actresses, babies, brides, hipsters, hags, rock stars, fuckers, cats, dogs, cops, pigs, sheep, meerkats, nuns, and, of course, Donald J, Trump - are all humorously depicted and captioned for wicked good birthday wishes and cheer.