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Retirement Multipack Greeting Cards

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Retirement is a happy occasion, like a Birthday - only, the joyful good times last (hopefully) a whole lot longer. You and your cohorts can happily celebrate some special friend's, relative's or ex workmate's Retirement, for at least a day before you and yours get back to work, using the fun, hilarious, very Happy Retirement greeting cards assembled for great and garrulous gifting right here in convenient and cost saving multipacks.

Three same card packs, 3 different cards variety packs, and ten and thirty six card assortments are all available in this vast and varied grouping. Every Retirement Congratulations greeting funnily, fabulously, joyfully fit for the wonderful employment exit occasion.

In the same card category: an amusing llama wearing a polka dot headscarf and a pair of driving goggles is artfully and amusingly portrayed hitting the Retirement road in a vintage automobile. While in one variety card pack, there's: a photo greeting of an eccentric senior riding a tricycle down a country lane; a cartoon image of a wisecracking wife and her recently retired husband; and a colorfully illustrated adorable creature giving the big thumbs up to Mondays! The numerous and humorous 10 and 36 card assortments feature hysterical pictures and gut busting joke punchlines, along with a few dog and horse and balloon lettered greetings of the more sensitively touching and uplifting type. Penguins, gnomes, clones, cats, beavers, dwarves, cassette tapes, tribesmen, police officers and shotguns are all used to jokingly and joyously wish that special retiree everyone knows and hates to see go a hearty, heartfelt and happy Retirement Congratulations.