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Feast your eyes on our big selection of hilarious adult birthday cards and other saucy greetings from the world's best humorous cartoonists and specialty brands. Do you like adolescent fart humor and other unsavory types of funny business? You've come to the right place! And relax, we won't tell anyone. Indulge your fetish in this judgment-free zone and find the perfect funny greeting cards by artist and brand, whether it's for your brother-in-law locked up in prison or your favorite aunt in the retirement home. We've got something for everyone here.

You'll find the sophisticated high-brow humor of Dan Piraro, with clever nods to modern institutions and annoyances, favorite pastimes, beloved celebrities and contemporary figures. Nothing and no one is safe from Piraro's mighty pen, and that includes Craigslist, Twitter, cell phone etiquette, yoga practice, gluten allergies, PETA, the Grinch, Bob Marley, virtual reality, tattoo artists and Buddhist monks.

French Fold holiday cards feature artistic drawings with unique themes, from sushi rolling instructions and a bikini-clad blonde on the beach to pushing a car out of a snowdrift. The Mortal Sins line pays sacrilegious homage to peculiar saints such as St. Coochie Galore Our Lady of Sacred Sluts, St. Carl @ Crackberry Patron Saint of PDA Addiction and Saint Thaddeus of the Thinning Hair. Tease your balding relatives, Blackberry addicted co-workers and promiscuous friends in grand style. Our Passive Aggressive greeting cards seem rude, but are really quite sweet, once you get to know them (and once you look closely). They're highly recommended for those with good eyesight, especially if you're sending one to your boss.

Other humorous greeting card brands and artists include Weekly World News headlines, RedRocket's line of "things you always wanted to say but didn't have the nerve to" (but they did), alternative universe Superheroes (like Vodka Girl and Captain Flatulence) and Sexy Gay Cards (which don't require any description). You'll also find political humor and a healthy supply of butt cracks and fart jokes, because that's one of the things we do best.

All NobleWorks cards, whether they're high-brow or low-brow, are of the highest quality. They're made from post-consumer waste and are USA-printed. Free shipping is included, even if you just buy a single card.