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Cards By Charles Almon

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Stunning, stirring, striking, sexy, shocking, super - just a few of the s-word adjectives that only begin to describe the amazing and funny cards in this Birthday, Halloween and Anniversary collection from creator Charles Almon.

A pair of heavenly hotties discover yet another joy of floating up in the fluffy white clouds of soul sanctuary - no gravity to make their boobs dangle and nipples droop. While a jack o' lantern poses American Gothic artsy style with the gaping blonde wife of the farmer whose head is lampooned on its pitchfork. And Esther gets all dolled up for her hubby's demise in the hospital even though the laid-out man with the IV is still very much alive.

Colorfully cartoon illustrated in bright, brilliant, vivid pinks, blues, yellows, reds, greens and candle-lit orange, and punch lined with witty jokes, these hilarious, humorous cards are just beaming, glowing and bursting with gag-worthy laughter, to enliven anyone's All Hallows' Eve, big special B-Day and/or romantic commemoration date.