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Engagement Greeting Cards

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Getting engaged is a special, loving, joyful event. In other words, absolutely ripe for hilarious, good-natured humor. NobleWorks rocks the rock and delivers the yuks with their bright, bold, clever and colorful Engagement Card collection.

Sure it's about the bliss and the bling and the blessed matrimonial event to come. But it's also about: a befuddled guy in a fedora trying to figure out 'why' he's getting married, Rosie the Riveter flexing her muscle and sex appeal, the Frankenstein monster and his bride planning a party, a wife-to-be remodeling her boyfriend with the help of construction scaffolding, Adam about to get his nuts noshed by a Venus Fly Trap in the Garden of Eden, and even a flowery hearty-shaped salute to someone's engagement.

So, don't let the big, pop-the-question occasion pass without extending your special congrats in hardcopy card form. Hey, maybe you can cut down on the cost of your wedding gift with this initial goodwill gesture; assuming, of course, engagement 'does' progress to marital commitment.