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Happy Thanksgiving Cards

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Thanksgiving is the annual four-day holiday weekend when families get together to chow down on good food and chew one another out. That exact flighty festive spirit is captured perfectly and hilariously in the Thanksgiving Joke Cards collection from NobleWorks.

On one colorful, off-color, humorous card, Grandpa and Grandma and Mom and Dad crack wise and wickedly witty about huge breasts, playing with their meat, and getting in the mood for some dark meat. Even less subtle, but just as dysfunctionally joyous, is a photo card showing a naked trailer trash dude sitting less than pretty with a beer and a turkey with all the trimmings, and his equally strange-looking common-law wife. While yet another goodwill greeting card gets in on the food and family gathering funny stuff and stuffing by cartoon picturing a chunky clan sitting down at a groaning dinner table laden with a genetically-modified, super-sized bird, and loving it.

Save all the false sentiment and faux tearful reunions for some other Walton's Mountain dwelling family, these color-rich, rib-tickling cards show and tell it like it is come turkey weekend, to the gut-busting amusement of everyone with an honest sense of humor.