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The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.

Another year, another birthday. You're not excited about turnings thirtysomething, fortysomething, or whatever age you are (you'll fudge it for the next six months). All those well-meaning Pollyannas will tell you to "Appreciate your special day," but you're dealing with a splitting, hangover-like headache and you can't even remember the last time you drank. Saying "Shove it" is just a little too polite.

A little humor, though, will put you in the mood. But it has to be the right kind - sort of edgy, but not too clever and self-referential, but far from soft in an everyone-will-appreciate-it way. Your humor's always been kind of unique, and your social tribe gets you. Perhaps they'll surprise you with one of these humorous birthday cards from NobleWorks Cards.

Is it Funny Ha-Ha - Or Funny Bizarre?

The hilarious birthday cards available from NobleWorks Cards cover a lot of ground. We'll let the grocery stores carry all the sappy, sentimental cards with terrible, made-for-TV jokes. On our online shelves, you'll find plenty of inappropriate birthday cards that will give your friends a hilarious (or is that jaw-dropping?) surprise they will actually enjoy.

We carry a large line of rude birthday cards drawn by the industry's funniest cartoonists and artists. From political truth bombs (both right-wing and left-wing) to raunchy displays of depravity, our line is perfect for your edgy friends who don't put up with your BS.

Humor That's Not Going to Kill Another Tree

Our cards are printed on recyclable materials, and can be ordered as singles or in bulk quantities. Avoid the hassles of fighting traffic, fighting for a parking space and arguing with other customers in long lines. Shopping online at NobleWorks Cards means no strangers in the store will give you strange looks as you innocently inspect dirty birthday cards.

In addition, we offer free shipping, whether you order one birthday card or a million. Just give us a day or two to print your order with our just-in-time printing system. We also offer quantity discounts, and for orders above a minimum level, we offer printable funny birthday cards. These  are shipped flat, so they're fully customizable at home on your laser printer.

With the huge selection of unique birthday cards available, you can find something appropriate for anyone on your funny birthday card list, whether the recipient is one or 100 years old.

It's no joke. When you look at the hilarious birthday cards we offer, the great deals and the fast, free shipping, NobleWorks Cards is your best option for making the best of any birthday.