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Sympathy and Condolences Greeting Cards

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It's never easy to find just the right words to commiserate with someone who has suffered a significant loss. But NobleWorks 'does' make it easy for you to choose an appropriate 'Sympathy' card which will perfectly illustrate and enunciate your deeply felt compassionate concern.

In this beautifully designed collection of cards, lush flowers and loving words are used to express your heartfelt feelings. A bouquet of violets and orange-hued pansies are displayed with smaller pink flowers and green leaves and vines, and fluttering blue and yellow and orange and black butterflies, against a parchment page background, on the outside of one card; with more lovely flowers and butterflies, and sympathetic words of condolence, on the inside of the card. Another sympathy card features an equally floral filled front: elegant pink and yellow-hued roses in a vase. While still another subdued yet striking support card displays a wooden cross adorned with red, white, yellow and pink blossoms and green leaves and vines, set against a page of scripture and framed by floral scrollwork. And a pair of elegant watercolor white and blue shaded flowers fill two other sorrow-sharing missives.

Sending out one of these lovely, emotion filled cards will at least bring some measure of comfort to those who have suffered a great loss. When you want to show just how much you care, choose any one of these compassion cards to express your deepest sympathy to those dear to you.