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Funny, Creative Non-Humor Birthday Cards

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If you're giving the special birthday boy or girl a present or not, they're not even going to notice when you gift them one of the awesome greeting cards in the NobleWorks by Design Birthday line. These cards are colorful, joyous, generous presents in themselves, fit for any happy woman or man celebrating a great big birthday.

In this wonderful collection: a sketched in brown and white squirrel goes nuts; a stretched-out black and white kitty cat goes a little overboard on the catnip, against a vivid green background, adorned with a blue polka dot party hat and clutching a wrapped gift and sprig of green leaves; a sexy lady in an open white blouse and red skirt gets a tad catty herself while she pouts out a purr-fect belated birthday greeting; and puns are cooked up and dished out on a series of food related cartoon funny bright white cards. Lovely, lively, lush floral cards are also featured, blooming with orange, pink, purple, white and blue flowers.

The lucky birthday recipient of one of these resoundingly delightful and delicious cards can have their cake and eat it, too. They'll be so excited by the card, they won't even notice if you bought them an expensive present or not.