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Administrative Professionals Day Multipack Greeting Cards

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Administrative Professionals Day is a chance for everyone in the office, department, section, store, plant or on the jobsite to recognize and reward those hard working, efficient and effective, behind the scenes personnel known as Administrative Professionals. Be they assistants, helpers, secretaries, clerks, receptionists and/or technical staff, they're the ones who make every other employee look good through their work roles supporting managers, supervisors, team leaders, unit heads, forepersons and other staff. And so, on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, make sure your organization's Administrative Professionals are appropriately and deservedly lauded and applauded using the multipack selection of Happy Administrative Professionals Day cards on sale here.

Humor and heartfelt are featured on these clever and colorful greetings selections, with the emphasis on hilarity. In one funny three pack, an executive canine is pictured behind a desk wearing a suit with "Accounts Playable" toys in one tray and "Accounts Retrievable" fetch sticks and balls in another tray. While a ten Administrative Professionals Day card set features 10 different picturesque joke greetings focused on retro female workers swiveling in chairs and sassing off on phones. And another three card pack showcases a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers within a white frame. All to extend everybody's appreciation for those fine and high functioning office and workplace assistants known as Administrative Professionals.

Any of the same pack, variety packs and card assortments available here will do a great job of honoring and celebrating a company's or government entity's wonderful, well trained and work supporting Administrative Professionals on their special day of acknowledgement and adulation. Employing the cartoon and vintage photo gags will have those special staff members laughing, the amazing floral displays leave them with a lump in their throat; every greeting card putting a warm, winning smile on their faces.