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Thank You Greeting Cards

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Thank You Greeting Cards

Want to send out a special thanks to a friend, boss, coach, teacher, neighbor, Elvis impersonator, bitch, doctor, sister, brother, mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, and/or other acquaintance, family member or sentient being? Then look no further than the NobleWorks Cards Thank You greeting cards collection.

As you can see, there are a lot of people in your life that may have done something worthy of a respectable thank you. Or they may deserve flippant, offensive Thank You cards that fit the toilet-humor friendship you share. Either way, you can pick and choose a proper, colorful and delightful gratitude card to deliver to someone deserving of your thanks.

Funny, fabulous, flattering, facetious - they're all here in our selection of funny cards (along with some other F-words). And they're all laden with good cheer and gratefulness while embossed with bold, bright colors. Here's some of what you'll find at NobleWorks Cards: a classy brunette in a red evening gown whispers to a ravishing redhead in a blue gown that her "shit stinks"; an adorable orange kitty cats-up to present a bouquet of red roses to some special human; a dog totally mistimes its dump to the grimacing chagrin of its owner just as a busty blonde is about to jog by; and Liberace even puts in a pair of appearances looking thankfully flamboyant. That's just to name but a few of the humorous Thank You cards available here.

There are also lovely, flower-filled cards to covey your deep gratitude, as well as marvelous missives featuring famous quotations to classily pass on your gratefulness. You might even pick out a family Thank You card with cute images of an elephant holding an umbrella or an octopus holding eight different signs. Jumbo Thank You cards are available as well for supersize gratitude.

This tremendous collection of Thank You cards is a true treat to scan and select from. Anybody receiving one of these merry or moving cards will cherish it dearly just as you cherish their great help and generosity. With our bulk prices, you can send a thank you to all your friends - even if it's not all at once.