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Ethnic Birthday Greeting Cards

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Birthday boys and girls and women and men come in all shapes, sizes, genders, ages and color. But the hilarious Happy Birthday cards available here from NobleWorks are designed especially for all of your Black friends, family members and coworkers (though they're all uniformly funny in pictures and captions).

Whether that special African American person you know who's celebrating a big Birthday is young or old, there's an appropriate and amusing greeting fit for them in this clever, people filled, photographic and illustrated collection. For example: a stylish, attractive young princess of a woman ponders getting a formal crown to make her regality official; a vintage middle aged woman expounds on some sassy, kiss ass philosophy over a cup of tea; a cartoon drawn old lady delivers a humorous Senility Prayer while she can still remember the words; and a series of elderly buds and BFF's hysterically struggle to deal with the age old dilemma of stiff (marijuana) joints.