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Funny Divorce Cards

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Funny Divorce Cards

We aren't sure if the major greeting card players in the industry make funny divorce cards or even divorce cards of any type. All we know is that there's no "funny divorce cards" section at the grocery store. Losing 200 to 300 pounds of dead weight isn't exactly a Hallmark moment, is it?

We're happy to report that funny divorce cards exist at NobleWorks Cards. Featuring snark, sarcasm and sass from the industry's wittiest artists and designers, including Dan Piraro and Randall McIlwaine, these cards are made to help others who need a laugh at the expense of their ex.

Whether your divorcing friend is male or female, you can find a card to spread some cheer - or at least to point out in a humorous way what he or she's in for during and after the big break-up.

While our funny divorce cards may not heal all the wounds that inevitably come from this grueling emotional and legal process - only time can do that (maybe) - they will bring a sense of closure as well as some welcome laughs. They say in black and white what everyone is thinking but no one is saying - "Screw the bitch/bum" - the feelings of every freshly minted divorcee. Everyone will howl like a hyena when they see one of our thoughtfully thoughtless divorce cards. Hallmark they're not, but they will help a friend or relative blow off some steam without blowing up his or her ex (no guarantees on the latter, of course).

Order single cards on a case-by-case basis, or stock up in bulk, because statistics show that plenty of your friends will be getting divorced in the future.