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New 2024 Halloween Greeting Cards

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The latest and greatest Halloween cards are here! And they're scary, spooky, orange-tinted and truly hilarious. And we're not just talking about the Donald Trump cards, either.

Yes, The Donald gets his more than fair share of All Hallows' Eve treatment, appearing as a shocking 'Trumpkin!,' questioning the three kiddy amigos on how they got over the wall, and vividly proclaiming in all his outrageous orangeness in front of the White House that he's going to build a wall and get the trick-or-treaters to pay for it.

But in this fun collection it's not just about the present prez. There's also a ghost-sheeted dog carrying a plastic pumpkin between its teeth, a scratching werewolf aggravating pals Frankenstein and Dracula, and even a whimsically dressed pirate elephant accompanying a little girl in a pretty pink princess dress on her Halloween nighttime rounds.

Add to someone's Halloween festivities by giving them one of these funny, fanciful, fresh off the press cards, and haunt them with even more humor and good cheer.