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Halloween Greeting Cards

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Is there anything scarier, ghastlier, more horrifying and bone and soul-chilling than a TRUMPKIN!?

Yes, plenty more. And all just as hilariously funny, too, as displayed in the Halloween Greeting Cards collection from NobleWorks.

Donald J. Trump gets the All Hallows' Eve makeover (minus the need for any orange hair dye or face paint, of course) on a number of clever, colorful, spooky cards. But the laughter is also frighteningly pictured on a card featuring a witch's cold tit, a scratching werewolf, two hanging hung-under bats, a ghost haunting in flagrante delicto, and a teepee getting tp'ed.

All the terrific, terrifying tropes of Halloween night are here: vampires, devils, chickens, zombies, bad costumes, bubbling cauldrons of witches' brew, Frankenstein, Botox pumpkins, slutty partiers, children; to name but a few. Turn the trick, and treat someone eerily special to one of these mind-blowing candy-grams of Happy Halloween good scary cheer.