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Anniversary Celebration Greeting Cards

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A wedding anniversary, or any romantic anniversary of any kind, should be a fun and fun-loving and loving-fun event. Unless, of course, you forget about it; then it can be downright lethal.

The just funny card company has anniversary humor and good cheer covered with a wide selection of hilarious cards. On these humorous paper greetings, couples nail down the bed-sharing arrangements, let it all hang out and down, take a late-night toilet plunge, get dragged by cars and attend emoji therapy sessions – among many, many other clever, colorful cartoon and photographic joke cards.

But those still feeling romantic after all the years aren't left out in this anniversary collection, either. Tender, caring, touching cards feature row boating lovebirds, snuggling dogs and cats, luscious cakes, cuddling hedgehogs and flowery sentiments; and, for the truly in love and passionate, a prison cellmate presenting his chunky counterpart, Leo, with a stunning sheer pink nightie to celebrate their sentence together.

Humorful or heartfelt, NobleWorks has a huge selection of anniversary cards that will surely fit the special occasion that you'd better remember. And get the job done until needed again next year.