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New Job Greeting Cards

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Getting a new job is a big event, like getting a new car or house or boyfriend or girlfriend, but without all the accompanying money outlay and actually getting paid for it. So, anyone securing a new employment position is deserving of a great, cheering, funny, fantastic greeting card of work-related recognition, as a starting bonus.

You can employ a super, sensational, hilarious, colorful, joyous, joke card to reward someone's big job news by picking and sending out the blue, green, blonde, gray, good-natured, goodwill, funny Congratulations missive of mirth featured here. The big boss in the blue button-down suit and red tie is getting a little tired of his new subordinate always asking him if they are "still on for work tomorrow?"

You'll be on-target with your humorous work kudos when you gift this witty, wacky, wonderful, laudatory employment greeting card to some special, successful job seeker and finder.