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New 2024 Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

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Funny, feisty, fantastic and spot-on - that's this colorful, clever, slightly cynical but wholly hilarious Thanksgiving greeting card. Beautiful to look at and full of belly laughs when you read the fine print.

Lovely red, brown, yellow and orange autumnal leaves decorate the front of this deceptively good-willed and apparently tender and touching card, along with large, stylized black and white letters of festive appreciation. But when you get to the small print stuffing of this jokey missive, the mirthful message is more a homage to winemakers than a tribute to the gathering of family members for a holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving can be a time of great stress, between massive forkfuls of fine food, when you're forced to mix and mingle with some people who, although related, aren't particularly well-liked. That's where the soothing, heady, intoxicating social lubricant of alcohol comes in, as humorously poured forth in witty, wise words and wine-coloring on this cheerful and cheeky greeting card.