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Mixed Greeting Card Multipacks and Assorted Sets

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No one should be expected to remember every birthday of friends and family, so we have you covered. We put together assorted packs of cards because we know you don't have time to go to the store - and let's face it, you probably wouldn't remember until it was too late. These assorted packs are put together in themes, so you'll find several packs of Christmas (yes, we said Christmas) and holiday themed cards. Some are even naughty, others are nice and some are just for that weird friend we all likely have.

There are also several card series, because we figured that since you liked the one card, you will like the others in the series, too. And you'll probably have friends and family members with similar interests who will appreciate each of the cards. Even if you only have one friend who - for example likes the cat cartoons of Scott Metzger-then you have 10 years to share the joy year after year, without the need to shop for cards for at least a decade.

We hope you will, though, buy cards more than once every 10 years, because we have great collections that include sets from great artists such as Tim Whyatt, Debbie Tommassi, Mike Shiell, Dave Coverly, Scott Metzger, D.T. Walsh and Piraro. We also have several series such as Pet Selfies, so we know you'll find something for everyone on your greeting card rotation.

For those who need a daily pick-me-up there is our fun pharmaceutical line-up, "Take As Needed," which covers multiple occasions such as birthdays, graduation, engagement, and we even throw in a get well card.

We're always adding new series, so check back here more than once every 10 years. We also circulate holiday sets as those special days approach. You'll find our Christmas cards are not your typical "Season's Greetings" snooze fest, and wait until you see what we do with Valentine's day and Mother's day!