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Here at NobleWorks, we've worked hard to rein in a certain type of humor that celebrates milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and tons of other holidays. It's not an easy job, but it sure is a fun one, and we love nothing more than to share it with you. We've created a unique list of dirty, funny phrases plus funny card quotes, humor top lists and other jokes for you to share with everyone you love. We're not just card-makers, we also fancy ourselves comedians, and that's why we've organized all this humorous goodness for you.

Our funny top 10 lists includes lists like the Top 10 Rules of Bacon (No. 1: There's always to be bacon in the house, always.), Top 10 Worst Mascots (We're looking at you, Fighting Okra) and the Top 10 Signs You Might Be A Hipster (scarf collections, etc.). Perfect for sharing with your list-loving pals, these hilarious breakdowns cover tons of comedic ground in a small amount of space. Plus, we've created a bunch of funny bacon jokes and quotes, funny poems, and even a funny card guide that gives away some of our best-kept secrets. Our funny cartoons gallery includes some of the most hilarious cartoons by some of the best artists out there.

We offer so many options for funny greeting cards and jokes that we just get so excited about sharing them. If you like what you see, take a gander around our virtual shelves to find funny birthday cards, funny holiday cards and funny cards that say thank you, congratulations and I'm sorry. All of our cards are made in the U.S. with eco-friendly materials and ship free to you, so you can be sure you're getting a high-quality, budget-friendly product.