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Newlywed Wedding Greeting Cards

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Getting married is a big deal, and it calls for a big deal card to celebrate the sacred ceremony of two loving souls becoming one. But, hey, that doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of humor in the process. NobleWorks offers up a huge selection of clever, colorful, both funny and touching wedding cards to choose from, to honestly and hilariously and heartfully send out your sincere happy congratulations. Whether it's two members of the opposite sex getting hitched or a same-sex wedding or even two dogs tying the furry knot, every one of these cards is a delight.

A minister enquires after juicy gossip during the solemn ceremony, a bride asks for a better definition of 'worse,' a doggy groom gets ready to sniff his bride's butt to make it paws-itively official, and a bride being carried over the threshold enjoys all the pomp and circumstance and ceremony so much she wants to do it all over again.

A scrumptious card showcases a four-tier blue and green and pink flower iced wedding cake, set against a light blue and white floral background, to serve up more than a slice of true loving bliss. While another beautiful card pictures a pair of marvelous, multi-colored owls tenderly rubbing feathers in their tree trunk nest amidst green and orange leaves and an inspirational message of love, complete with a bright blue and birded interior, as well. And another well-wishing card goes truly heartfelt and full, with a glorious, floral, heart-shaped bouquet bursting with red, yellow, pink, orange and yellow roses and green leaves and vines, and a red ribbon 'Congratulations.'

Among many, many more joyful wedding cards to choose from to pay homage and honor, sometimes humorous sometimes not, to those involved in the blessed event. Recognize the true uniqueness of the happy couple's nuptials, by gifting them one of these gorgeous, glowing, good-natured, love-infused, stunning wedding cards. You'll make and mark their day even more special.