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Funny Milestone Birthday Cards

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“Life is short — smile while you still have teeth!”

Never trust anyone over 30 was the rallying cry of the 1960s. But if you must at least send a birthday card to someone over 30, NobleWorks Cards has a huge supply of hilarious milestone birthday cards for those30 and up. Trust us: Everyone loves these cards.

Do you remember when you were young and how much you looked forward to your birthday? Now that you've matured a bit -in the physical sense, at least - your anticipation may have turned to dread.

If you have a friend, relative or someone else whose birthday milestone feels more like a millstone, you're in luck. NobleWorks Cards has an outrageous collection of short, funny milestone birthday sayings and funny birthday cards to help the birthday boy or girl get through that special day. Whether you're looking for funny 60th birthday greetings or for milestone birthday greetings for any other age that's just too old, NobleWorks Cards has a card that will help laugh away the years if not the laugh lines.