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Valentine's Day Multipack Greeting Cards

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Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day, originated as a Christian feast day honoring a priest named Valentine who was martyred circa 269 in ancient Rome, and has now evolved to become a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and love. It's the February 14th day when you share and spread your love to all those fine friends, family members and colleagues and classmates you hold dear, and especially proclaim your undying romantic affection for that special sweetheart of yours.

NobleWorks makes it easy for you to display and showcase your true love via the huge selection of Valentine's Day greetings on sale here in three same card packs, 3 card variety packs and ten and thirty six card assortments. The emphasis is on humor, of course, the most effective and compelling aphrodisiac of all, but there are also cute, charming and captivating greeting cards, as well.

On the hilarious side, to get your husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, close relative or favorite workmate gleefully grinning, giggling, hugging and kissing with warm, wonderful feeling, are: a collection of lovey dovey cartoon cats delightedly dining out and hunkering down in empty gift chocolate boxes; bread and butter, and toast and avocadoes, making perfect matches; unicorns hooking up with horses, bears bouncing around with joy, women happily accepting coffee cup bouquets, sexy blondes in bikinis, vintage women and men lusting after shoes and beer, and much, much more. While on the more truly touching, tender and sincerely serious loving side, especially designed to melt hearts and unfasten belts, straps, hooks and zippers, are: artful illustrations of heart leaved trees; a pair of adorable hibernating bears; and a warm, fuzzy, feeling fine photo of a sweetly snuggling pug and cat.