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Baby Multipack Greeting Cards

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Giving birth is a big event in anyone's life. Big for the mother, big for the father, and yeah, really huge for the bouncing new bundle of girl or boy joy. So, whether that couple or single you know and love are just starting a family with their very first newborn, or adding to the growing brood with another boisterous offspring, make sure you and/or your own family celebrate the momentous, life changing and giving occasion with them using any of the hilarious Baby Congratulations greetings from this funny and fabulous ten card collection.

Mommy and Daddy will be grinning and laughing with even more delight when they open up a Baby Congratulations greeting featuring: a kid reading a pop up sex book, the stork deploying drones to deliver infants, and babies setting themselves up on social media. Just to highlight a few of the joyfully joking Baby Congrats gag greeting cards in the colorful, clever and hysterical selection.

Giving birth is a joyous event, and you and yours can make the miracle even more mirthfully special and meaningful, add to the happy smiles on Mom and Dad's tired faces, by gifting them any of the Baby Congratulations cards humorously drawn up here for special delivery. Leave the heavy lifting of actually rearing and taking care of a daughter or son to another time (soon to come).