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New 2024 Christmas Greeting Cards

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A little boy wrote to Santa Clause, "Please send me a sister." Santa Clause wrote him back, "Okay, send me your mother."

Spread an ample dose of Yuletide cheer with the brand new collection of funny Christmas cards for sale at NobleWorks Cards. Common Christmas themes like kids' lists for Santa, messy reindeer, greed and materialism, talking snowmen, Santa's sleigh and decorations for the tree all come in for some much-needed lampooning in these cards that feature original cartoon artwork on the cover and a funny, frequently twisted and often subversive holiday message contained within.

Every year, everyone sends the same boxed, paint-by-numbers Christmas cards that say something about a joyous season, a time for giving, peace on earth, blah blah blah. Earn a prime place on your family and friends' wall of Christmas cards - if they do that type of thing - by sending one of our newly released NobleWorks Cards. Our newest selection this season brings in the funniest Christmas cards of 2016, featuring plenty of great designs and hysterical jokes. Irreverent takes on classic Christmas characters and situations, along with references to the latest pop-culture phenomenons, will put a smile on the face of everyone you're sending cards to this year. For funny Christmas cards with adult jokes and biting humor (sometimes literally), look no further than our newly released NobleWorks Christmas cards.

All those other boring X-mas cards, holiday family updates, and sappy portraits start to blend together after a while. But everyone will remember the huge laugh and the big smile they got when they opened their funny Christmas card from you. Cranky Santa sitting at the bar, the Easter Bunny leaving eggs under the tree, special snowblower settings and snowmen revelations are just some of the humorous Christmas cards for 2016. Make cranky Santa proud by injecting this lovely holiday with some much-needed adult humor. Next year, your friends will be looking forward to your humorous Christmas cards again like they look forward to Christmas dinner. Don't go for the same tired messages or the same tired jokes - our newly released NobleWorks Christmas cards are up to date with current jokes and the freshest adult humor. Search here to find unique funny Christmas cards that your friends and family will love.