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Get Well Greeting Cards

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Get-Well Greeting Cards

Nobody does "sick" better than NobleWorks Cards. And we take that as a compliment. You can extend your own snarky sympathy to anyone feeling ill or down by selecting one of the gut-busting and colorful Get-Well cards in this clever collection. If laughter is the best medicine, then these bright, bold and hilarious cards fit the prescription big-time. On the other hand, if you insist on sending a well wishes card that's genuine and sincere, we suppose we can help with that too.

Anybody feeling under the weather or down in the dumps will be OD'ing on yuks when they receive a funny Get Well card from this assortment. You might order a card featuring a chicken and egg sitting in a doctor's waiting room trying to decide who goes first, a cheery card showing a cartoon Pinocchio with a wicked case of nose wood or an injured gingerbread man with a sore knee that's prescribed some icing. Many, many more joke cards are available that will have the sick healing themselves with humors. You can find cards with bust-a-gut laughs about home health, acupuncture, animals, healthcare and jesters. And, of course, there's the lady that says wine is actually the best medicine.

There are also a number of lovely cards featuring yellow, pink, white, red and orange floral displays in this massive collection. They serve as touching reminders of your best wishes and sympathy for those not feeling well. Spiritual get-well wishes are another way to keep the good vibes going - though these can still be ripe for jokes in the right hands, such as the dog who is "heeled". Shop at NobleWorks Cards to send best wishes in a funny, colorful or jumbo way. The free shipping helps with your wallet too.