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Get Well with Humor Cards

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Funny Get-Well Cards. Humor Get-Well Greeting Cards.
Humorous Get Well Greetings and Feel-Better Wishes.

Get Well with Humor Cards

Funny Get-Well Cards & Humor Greeting Cards

Some people believe in the power of positive thinking. We positively want to punch those people in the arm. Not quite hard enough to put them in the hospital, but hard enough for them to get the point.

When a person is down and out because of illness, sometimes laughter is the best medicine. If they are facing a serious medical challenge such as surgery, cancer or recovering from a serious injury, then that laughter becomes even more important. A funny Get-Well card provides the laughs they need. It gives a burst of energy so powerful that it makes hospital administrators mad that they can't bill 'em for it. That's a form of positivity we can get behind.

But here's the thing: get-well cards at the grocery store are not very funny.

At NobleWorks Cards, our line of funny get-well cards hit hard with off-color humor. A perfect example is our line of "Fuck Cancer" cards. These get-well cartoons do more than just make the most difficult and miserable patients laugh themselves silly. They also make fun of our imperfect modern-day healthcare system. And taking the time to send a card means a lot more to the recipient than just a funny get-well meme on their phone. So, even when you're bringing the laughs, you can add a touch of heart too.

Humorous Get-Well Greetings & Feel-Better Wishes

Shop now for Get-Well cards with funny messages that are more relevant than ever to those on the road to recovery. Your friends and family members will suddenly see the humor of uncomfortably invasive medical procedures, endless waits in doctors' offices and HMOs that won't cover all your medical costs. This seems like the type of service you'd expect to pay exorbitant amounts of money for (like your health insurance premiums), but here at NobleWorks Cards, we keep your funny bone in perfect health for a mere pittance. We even ship our high-quality U.S.-printed humorous Get-Well cards free of charge.

There are hilarious Get-Well wishes about drinking and other healthy lifestyle choices, time-tested alternative and traditional remedies like acupuncture, chicken soup and whiskey, medical malpractice and our nation's love affair with pharmaceuticals. You'll find clever puns, naughty Get-Well cards and Get-Well wishes that live deliciously on the dark side. The artwork is vibrant and top-notch from classic cartoons to vintage graphics.

Our funny Get-Well cards are entirely appropriate for a wide variety of the sick and sickly in your life. Send funny get-well wishes to the lame and the halt, or the merely malingering and lazy by choosing cards sympathizing with their inability to get up off their ass. These funny Get-Well wishes will reinforce their opinion of you as a true wiseass. Mail a Get-Well funny card to friends and relatives with a communicable disease so you don't risk contracting their disease by being in the same room. Send dirty get-well cards to those diseased debauchers in your life so they can at least dream about getting back into the game.

NobleWorks Cards Get-Well cards for men and women vigorously attack our most venerated medical institutions to help heal the recipient with a laugh. They even take a good-natured poke at spirituality and animals from time to time. But our great prices and free shipping mean they'll leave your wallet unscathed and in good health.