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Cards Fighting Cancer with a Simple, Yet Crude, Statement

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Some challenges in life require more than just gentle words of encouragement. When the going gets really tough, the tough say "F*CK OFF"! Our Fuck Cancer cards get your point across in no uncertain terms to friends and loved ones struggling with this terrible disease. They're not just funny cancer greeting cards; they're a powerful and defiant stand against a formidable adversary. If you want something that goes way beyond "get well soon" and into uncharted territory, choose a cancer card that conveys inner strength and determination.

These special cancer cards take the awareness ribbon tradition and turn it on its head. There is no more instantly recognizable symbol than the middle finger extended, and with the added ribbon, it speaks volumes. The message is one of refusing to give up or back down from anything other than complete and permanent victory.

While these commanding cards are ferocious toward this debilitating disease, they're gentle as kittens when it comes to the planet. Made from post-consumer waste, NobleWorks greeting cards are USA printed, so you'll be funny, mean and green all at the same time. You'll also be thrifty as well, since our cards are priced to keep you within your budget, with free shipping included on any size order.

NobleWorks cards are unique and are guaranteed to raise eyebrows, create tears of laugher and give friends and relatives sore sides from overdoses of merriment wherever they go. From our funny Christmas cards that poke fun at everything from Santa Claus to the Savior and sacred holiday traditions to our empowering cancer "fuck you" card, you'll make a big impression with these cards that won't soon be forgotten.

The Big C is a truly scary disease. If you really give a fig about someone you know and love who's been struck by cancer, the Fuck Cancer cards available from NobleWorks Cards will help him or her laugh - and as we all know, laughter truly is the best medicine. Our funny cancer greeting cards may not halt the disease, but until there really is a cure, our cancer cards' encouragement will help everyone feel better - especially the victim.