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Bat Mitzvah Greeting Cards

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The Bat Mitzvah celebrates a Jewish girl's transition from childhood to adulthood at the age of twelve. Bat Mitzvah is Hebrew for "daughter of commandment," and the female twelve year old is considered to now have all the rights and obligations of a Jewish adult. The special religious coming of age occasion is normally celebrated with creative projects, speeches, gifts and a party.

For your beautiful daughter who is turning 12, or a special Jewish friend or coworker's girl who is becoming an adult according to Israelite religious tenets, the "Big Jewish Star" card available here is a great way for you to congratulate that special person on the momentous occasion of their Bat Mitzvah. Whether she's marking the joyful and meaningful event with a large scale party or small, choosing to light a Shabbat candle and do some challah baking as part of her Bat Mitzvah or not, this colorful, artful, Star of David decorated greeting will serve as a wonderfully and delightfully appropriate way to congratulate that fine young woman on her Bat Mitzvah.