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Wedding Multipack Greeting Cards

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Just say "I Do!" to the cards! As in, picking out and purchasing the ten card assortment of Wedding Congratulations greetings on sale here! In "doing" so, you'll have a wonderful selection of colorful, cheerful and hilarious Wedding greeting cards, at a great cost savings, with which to wish any beautiful bride, gutsy groom and happy couple a hearty and humorous Congratulations. In fact, you'll be so well stocked up on funny and fabulous Wedding Congrats greetings in one fell swoop that you'll be able to garrulously and generously card celebrate any pair of lovebirds serious enough to tie the formal knot on their romantic relationship.

The Wedding Congratulations greetings are uniformly amusing and amazing in this 10 card grouping, but they vary, as well, with cartoon, graphically illustrated and photographic depictions of blissful and blessed human, silhouette and dog newlyweds. The handsome and joyful hitched couples are shown: taking selfies atop a lovely triple layer wedding cake, affectionately nuzzling canine muzzle to muzzle, reciting joking vows before ministers and gushingly revealing their first marriage status as they exit their church ceremony. Any of your friends, relatives and coworkers who've made the commitment to give up their single social media status will be delighted to open up any of these creative and clever Wedding Congratulations card gag gifts of good cheer, great humor and best wishes.