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Addiction Recovery Greeting Cards

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Addictions to drugs and alcohol are diseases that have exploded to new and tragic levels of abuse in society. We live in a time when addiction problems are getting worse and worse - drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990 and the level of alcoholism (including binge-drinking) is trending in the wrong direction. Environment, genetics and mental health issues all play a part in addictions. It's a human catastrophe affecting not only those afflicted, but also their friends, family members and coworkers, and society as a whole. The toll on the health and well-being of the addict is excruciating, upending their lives and destroying their personalities, while those close to them suffer along with them to almost the same extent in some cases, and society pays the price in lost productivity and increased costs of social services (estimated at $600 billion annually). As good people get caught up in bad choices and behaviors and find it incredibly difficult to steer themselves back onto the straight and clean path in life again.

Once an addiction takes hold of a person, whether it's drugs or liquor, it is extremely tough to shake it. The temptation is so strong, the pull of the narcotic or intoxicant so intense, despite the consequences being so devastating. That's why recovery is measured in seconds, minutes and hours, along with days, months and years. Just breaking free of the death-gripping habit for any length of time is a great accomplishment, staying sober long-term a remarkable achievement, and it should be recognized and rewarded by all those spouses, sponsors, relations, pals and workmates who have the best interests of the disease-stricken individual at heart.

You can use the encouraging and congratulatory Recovery greeting cards in this collection to mark the Anniversary and celebrate the success of someone's sobriety, including those in Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs. Featuring glorious, glowing pictures of sunny mountain, stream, field and forest path scenes, along with some humor and the oh-so-relevant Serenity Prayer, these exulting notecards joyously commemorate ninety day, one year, two years and three years of Recovery along with overall continued sobriety, honoring and cheering on those special people who have demonstrated the courageous desire, determination and willpower to turn their life around and come clean. The sensational, sunlit and inspiring greetings shine forth the pride you feel in that successfully sober someone who is taking it one day at a time, and winning their personal battle against drug or alcohol demons.