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Father's Day Multipack Greeting Cards

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Father's Day is that special day on the third Sunday in June when you honor that exceptional male parenting man in your life known as Dad, Stepdad, Father in Law, Grandpa, Great Grandfather, Husband and/or any other man you know and admire who's the father of children. And one of the best ways to show your respect, reverence and regard for proud Papa is by gifting the great guy a great Father's Day greeting card.

The high quality, hilarious and heartfelt Father's Day cards available here all come in multi greeting "packs" - three of a kind, variety packs, ten card collections, twenty card groupings and thirty six card assortments. So that you and your siblings or extended family have a huge selection of Father's Day greetings with which to uniquely, wonderfully and winningly pay homage to perfect Pa. And with NobleWorks being the funny card company, most of the cartoon, photographic and otherwise illustrated greetings feature humorous images and joke captions that will have any Daddy guffawing with laughter. Although, there are still a number of more artistic, lovely and touching cards that will get Dada's heart throbbing with fine feeling on his big day of Pappy adulation and applause.

In these Father's Day multipacks: trophies are awarded, popsicles chill together, beer is offered along with a prophecy, giant rakes are purchased for yard work, dogs are trained to deliver drinks, cats are outfitted in Victorian steampunk gear, and bears are painted with artful Papa proclaiming wording. To highlight but a few of the hysterical and heartful animal and human, artistic and amusing, witty and whimsical, high spirited and hugging, Father's Day feelgood greeting cards amassed here for manly merriment and celebration.