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Grandparents Day

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Hey, mother and father have a day of their own, so why shouldn't amazing grandparents get some once-a-year recognition which they truly deserve? After all, Mom and Dad's parents do an awful lot of babysitting, and spoil their grandchildren rotten - for those reasons alone they should be carded with loving kudos.

NobleWorks has just the Happy Grandparents Day greeting card befitting the thankful, best wishes occasion, perfect for bestowing on that special set of grandfather and grandmother. Against a pitch-black background, bright white and gold script spells out a joyous message of good cheer, attractively adorned with white and gold hearts, leaves and vines; with an appropriately complimentary message on the inside of the great card.

So, gather the family gang together and decide to pick and send out this beautiful, tasteful, touching, warm-spirited notecard to some super-special grandparents, on "their" most deserving day of glad and glorious appreciation.