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New Year Multipack Greeting Cards

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New Year parties come and go in one night. But great New Year greeting cards can be enjoyed the whole year round. Like, the hilariously cartoon illustrated and humorously joke captioned New Year greetings in these ten and thirty six card multipacks.

All of those fine friends, relatives and colleagues on your New Annum card list will be counting down the old year and ushering in the New Year with guaranteed laughter and good cheer when you gift them any of the hysterical greetings from these varied and very amusing collections. Prisoner cellmates, toilet drinking dogs, funny computer apps, pretty snarky women, feisty babies, couch scratching cats, comic strip parents and romantic poetic raccoons are just some of the warm, whimsical, mirthful images that accompany the gutbusting and cork popping captions on these neat, nifty and, in some cases, naughty New Year cards. What a great year it'll be, when you ring it in and card it off with these garrulous, good times greetings!