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Funny Birthday Card Multipacks

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Same old, same old? No! No! No birthday is just like another. Each year's birthday should be unique and unforgettable.

That's exactly the age-old philosophy exemplified, and writ and pictured in color, by the NobleWorks Birthday Card Multipack collection. Each set contains ten utterly different, undeniably hilariously, one-of-a-kind cards. No two alike, all funny. Perfect for those wanting to avoid any embarrassing, unwanted birthday card repetition.

These card sets feature cartoon dogs, cats and camera-ready, tech-savvy pets; classy photo fronts of classic ladies indulging in drink, sass and wicked witticisms; babies being adorably funny infants; and Donald J. Trump dressing up and speechifying and being, well less scary and a lot more humorous than in-person. Every card is creative, colorful and bursting with good cheer, every one not the same as the other.

Each individual birthday, and each individual's birthday, deserves to stand and be celebrated uniquely on its own. These assorted joke card sets accomplish exactly that, in ten spots.