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Funny Retirement Cards

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Retirement means the end of the working road, and a whole new journey of personal choosing. Celebrate somebody's shift in life focus by sending them one of the funny, colorful, clever, stylish cards in the NobleWorks Retirement Greeting Joke Cards collection.

These mirthful missives are all hilarious and joyful, as befitting the cause-for-celebration occasion. For example: a pink-shirted man's caring coworkers try to talk him down off the building ledge, at least until he pays his five bucks for the office lottery pool; a party-hatted office worker's straight-faced colleagues retire his office telephone extension number in honor of his tremendous years of service; and a cop pulls over a motorist, and then pulls back with apologies in respect for the driver's 'I'm Retired' yellow t-shirt.

If you know someone who's the retiring type, then pick up and send them out one of these happy, humorous, bright, bold, packing-in-it cards. They'll not be shy in thanking you for your kind and laughter-filled thoughts.