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Greeting Cards by Occasion

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This tremendous selection of terrific Birthday, Graduation and Thank You Coach cards affords you the opportunity of great, one-stop, super greeting shopping. With a wonderful card for just about everyone on your B-Day, Congratulations and Gratitude gift giving list.

In this vast and varied, very funny selection: it's all about the asses; Eric takes a hammer to his little flesh friend in an all-out effort to charade "Bangkok;" former First Lady Michelle Obama laments losing her job to an immigrant; cats contemplate the fact that humans still can't lick their own behinds; BOO, the World's Cutest Dog, learns the new trick of wearing a mortarboard to boo-st up the successful grad. And many, many, marvelous, magnificent, mirthful more.

Cartooned and pictured in bright blues, greens, purples, pinks, reds, browns, whites, blacks, yellows, oranges, diamonds, Trumps, Christs, kitties and flames, and hilariously captioned and gag lined, this glorious, garrulous gathering of greeting cards is where your cardboard missive seeking begins and ends.