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FAQ: Funny Cards Sending and Other Funny Facts About Our Greeting Cards

Location and what are the office hours of operation?

NobleWorks is headquartered in the fabulous Hoboken, New Jersey. (This ain't the Jersey Shore! But close'.) NobleWorks office hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday, though we are here often after 5 PM and on Fridays. If you have any really good questions, it's best to email us. If you phone and get our voice mail, enjoy listening (it's hysterical!). We promise to make every attempt to get back to you within 24 hours on business days. We may be funny, but we take our customer service seriously!

Are you also the original publisher of your funny cards?

Yes, we create every funny birthday card as well as all the rest of the humor cards that you see on this site, and we print all of the greeting-cards on demand. We are not only hilarious; we are also SO genius!

Do you sell boxed Christmas cards?

The short answer is yes we do. We do offer discounted quantity pricing when you buy our funny-holiday-cards - the more you buy, the more you save! - and, as usual, we include with our cards-FREE shipping! As we are also a Wholesale-Card-Publisher, we sell our Christmas cards to retail stores, and therefore you might be able to buy the Christmas cards box you are looking for at your local greeting card stores or wherever funny-Christmas-card-boxes are sold.

Do you stock all of the cards shown on this site?

If we actually stocked all of the entire greeting card collection we offer, we'd probably need a warehouse the size of the National Greeting Cards Show Convention center - but then our greeting-cards wouldn't have that wonderful "new-funny-card" smell, not to mention the huge quantity of paper we would be recycling every year, if you know what I mean. Instead, we print all of our cards on demand (Print-on-Demand (POD)) when you order them, so they're always fresh (like our attitude) and perfect ... just the way you want them! Printing your cards just for you means it sometimes takes a tad longer for us to ship them, but isn't that better than getting old cards that have been sitting around some musty warehouse?

Do you provide envelopes

All of our cards ship with envelopes. Usually our envelopes even come with a clever little sticker to close the flap or to stick on someone's ass.

Are your cards customizable?

Orders of any seven or more cards are automatically shipped flat, making them printer-friendly for those who would like to have them imprinted on their own using a laser printer. (Orders of six or fewer cards are shipped folded.) We do not offer customized cards at this time.

Are your funny cards environmentally friendly?

Yes, NobleWorks has gone green! That doesn't mean we're Irish or nauseous -- just eco-friendly. Tree-huggers and everyone else who gives a damn about our planet will be pleased to know that all of our cards are recyclable and printed on renewable sources recycled paper. We're also saving tons of trees and waste, thanks to our print-on-demand process.

Does the watermark shown on the cards on this website actually appear on the printed cards?

No, don't worry, the NobleWorks logo and Jackalope watermark that you see on the greetingcard images shown on this site does NOT appear on the printed cards you buy. It's just there so folks will know that the original image came from NobleWorks Cards and where they can purchase them, when they are emailed around.

What is the size of NobleWorks' greeting cards?

Size matters! And so does the quality of NobleWorks cards-humor and paper stock alike. All of our odd cards come in an odd size measuring 4-3/4" x 6-5/8", printed on heavy, 14 pt. whiteboard, UV-coated and many even have color inside the card. And, they do not have the the NobleWorks card logo watermark printed on their covers; see the previous question.

How do I search for specific subjects of cards?

Looking for a humor greeting card or a birthday greeting card with a photograph of five nuns holding rifles? Or a funny get-well card with a unique (or crazy) cartoon, such as two aliens giving an anal probe? We've got it! And plenty of other unusual humor greeting cards, too. To find whatever witty, rude or humor subjects you're looking for, you can start searching by categories or use the search box on top left of the screen.

How can I get notifications about coupons and sales?

Okay, see that blue bar at the bottom of this page that says "SAVE! Join our mailing list to receive special offers and promotions!"? If you don't see it, we give up. If you do see it, just enter your email address in the box and hit "JOIN." Don't worry; you're not joining the army, just our mailing list.

Do you charge shipping and handling fees?

Nope ... can you believe it? Some things in life actually are FREE! We're really nice and ship all of our orders of greeting cards free of shipping and handling, even a single fucking greeting card! Orders of any seven or more cards are shipped flat; orders of six or fewer cards are shipped folded. The only time you pay for shipping is when you upgrade to expedited or ship internationally ... which is totally fair, right?

Can I return or exchange the cards I buy from this site?

Although we know you'll absolutely love the hilarious cards you order from us, we're cool with returns. If you're not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, we'll be happy to accept a return for a full refund, no questions asked. (On the other hand, if you're not 100 percent happy with your sex life, you are fucked and on your own.) You can return your card purchase for up to 365 days (that's one year, folks!) from the purchase date.

And we will even pay the postage- Just find your order Under the MyAccount order record and use the nifty pink button at the bottom of the page, yes the one that says 'RETURNS' in big letters.

Do you accept product orders via snail mail?

Sorry, we can not accept orders for product sent through the mail; please place all orders online using our website.

Do you sell NobleWorks cards wholesale to retailers and distributors?

NobleWorks is a wholesale greeting card publisher that does sell its fabulous cards wholesale to qualified, cool resellers that have appropriate business credentials and a resale tax id number, including brick-and-mortar card and gift stores, online card retailers and foreign distributors. If you're a retailer or distributor interested in buying our cards in bulk -- we know you are! -- simply click here NobleWorks Wholesale Greeting Cards and fill out our greeting cards wholesaler inquiry form.

Do you publish a printed catalog and can I get a copy?

Although they make for great reading on airplanes and in the bathroom, we do not have a printed catalog and only offer our catalog PDFs to wholesale customers (that means qualified card retailers and greeting cards distributors; see the previous question). If you want to see all of the great cards we sell, have some fun looking through our site ... it's all here!

Do you have a wholesale website?

We certainly do. NobleWorks wholesale card site is Just register here as a card wholesaler and you re on your way to start buying funny greeting cards wholesale.

How can artists submit their work for review?

NobleWorks is happy to give artists, cartoonists and writers -- starving or otherwise -- the opportunity to submit their humorous (repeat, humorous!) cartoons, illustrations, photography, verses, funny poems etc. for consideration. We've hooked up with (hey, not that kind of hookup!) lots of fantastic artists this way... and we're always looking for fresh meat, um, fresh talent. Use the following link to receive NobleWorks' artists writers submission guidelines and fill out the short artists enquiry form.

Do you license your card designs and humorous content to other companies for other product categories?

We absolutely do licensing! It would be completely selfish of us to keep these great, humorous designs to ourselves and therefore deprive other companies the thrill of hearing their customers laughing their asses off. If you're interested in becoming a NobleWorks licensee, give us a buzz ('a phone call would be nice, too). Or, write to us at .

How do I find a local retailer where I can buy NobleWorks Greeting Cards?

NobleWorks cards can only be found in the best, coolest, trendiest, love-to-shop-there card and gift stores ... which means they're not always easy to find! You can always buy our cards 24/7 at

Do you have any job openings?

Unfortunately, we do not have any job openings currently.

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