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Sympathy Multipack Greeting Cards

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Although nobody really wants to think about it, it's nonetheless true that one of the most important card giving occasions is when somebody you know has suffered the loss of a loved one. Just plain words often fail to convey how truly, deeply and compassionately you actually feel the emotional pain of a friend, relative or colleague who is dealing with a death in their family or circle of close friends. That's why just the right, well designed Sympathy card can help you express, in both words and pictures, your honest and heartfelt condolences to those special people who you grieve for and with, as they go through the tragically sad process of dealing with a beloved's passing.

The ten greetings Sympathy multipack available here provides you with a wonderful choice of cards with which to beautifully, bigheartedly and meaningfully extend your sincere condolences and show those suffering that they are in your thoughts. The 10 Sympathy cards feature artful watercolor flowers, gorgeous bouquets of botanicals and butterflies, and sunlit and fog shrouded scenic forest images, along with lovely writ words of Sympathy and empathy.