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Miss You Greeting Cards

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Miss You Greeting Cards

The puns and the poignant are on full laughter-inducing, tear-dropping display in the Miss You greeting cards collection from NobleWorks. It's not easy being apart from family, friends and significant others that you care about. (If it was, half the romantic movies would need a new story.) But you can make things a little easier with funny Miss You cards. Our artists and NobleWorks by Design mix genuine emotion and care with proper belly laughs - and a little naughty humor here and there. The vivid drawings and prints are the final touch for that person you can't touch right now.

Show your true feelings for that important person in your life who you're missing by gifting them one of these colorful, funny and touching Miss You cards. They'll appreciate the warm sentiments and laugh-out-loud humor for sure. Loveable brown dogs can't get the teeter to totter and feel ruff, orange cats open their paws wide in an emotional embrace, a bunch of purple grapes whine and a beaver says that it's just no dam good without you - all because they miss somebody special. In addition to our animal miss you cards, we also have cards with alphabet puns, musical miss you cards and vintage cards that use blunt language to get the point across.

Missing someone is never fun. However, these humorous, heartfelt cartoon and photo Miss You cards will bolster both your spirits and theirs - until the happy, joyous time when you're back together and owl is right with the world again. Especially since shipping if free on all orders!