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Non-Humor Miss You Cards

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As the cute brown and white dog feeling blue on one of these cards says: missing somebody special can be 'ruff.' But selecting and sending out a delightful 'Miss You' card, such as any one of them available in this collection, will lighten downcast feelings on both sides. You're acknowledging your emotions and doing something about it - in cute, clever, colorful fashion via one of these lovely cards, which will surely be received happily at the other end.

Whether you want to send out a big warm and fuzzy kitten hug; or a punny funny bunch of purple grapes, bottle of ketchup, or wise brown owl; or a big, beautiful bouquet of violets and yellow flowers garlanded with green leaves and blue and orange fluttering butterflies set against a page parchment background - these are the special cards to do it with. These goodwill greeting gestures will cheer up both you and the special someone you're missing.

So, if you're feeling blue about someone dear to you not being near to you, then don't just mope, do something about it. Show them how much you care by extending them one of these lovely, touching and tasteful 'Miss You' missives. You might just get one back in return for your sharing caring.