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Sorry Multipack Greeting Cards

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It takes a big man, woman or child to admit they did something wrong and say that they're truly Sorry. And NobleWorks can make it a whole lot easier for you to offer up an apology to somebody or group you've wronged, with a heaping helping of humor guaranteed to smooth everything over - using any of the funny and meaningful contrition greetings in the ten card assortment on sale for apologetic giving leading to forgiving right here.

Whether you said or did something offensive, lied or twisted the truth around, forgot a Birthday or Anniversary, flew off the handle or went ballistic for no good reason, or just acted like an insensitive jerk, prick or bitch, there's a laughter is the best soothing Sorry medicine card in this 10 pack. Hilarious chandelier hanging kittens, abject shoe chewing puppies, loud mouthed lads, overly sorry tattooed guys, bedded down bulls and recently winged angels are all cartoon illustrated and joke captioned to enable you to extend your sincere sorriness with a smile. Utilizing these clever, winning, warm hearted Sorry greetings will put you back in good graces and standing with any friend, family member, coworker, sweetheart, police force or government agency you rudely and unfeelingly insulted, dissed, screwed around with or acted out against.