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Greeting Cards to Say Congratulations

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You have to congratulate NobleWorks on the number of congratulations cards they offer, for almost any congratulatory occasion. And then you have to purchase some of these bright, colorful, funny congratulations cards, so you can be congratulated by the congratulatee on sending them such a great, humorous congrats card.

Okay, that's a lot of laudatude. Just like in this collection of hilarious and heartfelt salute-to-someone-you-know cards. Cats climb drapes to reach for the top, sperm get their photos taken on their rushing tube ride, a big fat Buddha woops it up, a thumb gets raised, a baby takes first steps while another drops a load, frogs pack a wedding, and Princess Kate sends out some, I say, rather smug applause, by jove; and many, many more joke and jolly cards.

There's a congratulatory card for every big, happy, accomplishing, achieving occasion in this praiseworthy collection: new jobs, new babies, new wife/husband, new home, engagement, graduation, and even a hearty salute to a hypochondriac who's realized their goal of getting good and sick.

Give yourself a big pat on the back for selecting one of these mirthful and marvelous missives, and then send it on out to the high achiever to give them another thrill.