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Friendship and Blank Greeting Cards

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Receiving an unexpected, touchingly funny greeting card out of the blue can really brighten and enliven somebody's day. Especially when that good cheer card is from you via NobleWorks.

We have a huge, colorful, hilarious collection of blank and friendship cards perfect for sending out to friends and family for no particular occasion or holiday, but simply as a special treat. Anyone receiving any one of these bold, bright, brilliant offerings of goodwill will be grateful, thankful and joy-filled.

This line of cards covers everything: Superman and Batman facing financial hardship, a red-haired floozy in a blue dress fingering her pearls and pondering where she parked her keys, party political animals boozing it up, the green-faced Wicked Witch of the West waxing philosophic, a squirrel humorously lamenting to God - and much, much, mucho more.

When you want to surprise, cheer up, or just reach out to keep in touch with a friend, colleague or family member, look no further than NobleWorks' array of awesome, laugh out loud friendship and blank cards, and make their day.