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Fatherís Day Greeting Cards

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Pop, Dad, Pa, Papa, Pater, Pappy, Papi, Daddy, Old Man, Geezer - 'Father' goes under a lot of names. Mentor, friend, counselor, teammate, advisor, disciplinarian, doctor, educator - and a lot of titles. And just as there are many handles, shades, nuances, flavors and functions of Dad, so, too, are there many cards to choose from to celebrate Pop's big day. Thanks to the paternalistically-concerned people at NobleWorks.

Any Dad will get a kick out of any one of these clever, colorful and hilarious cards reflecting the many sides and foibles of Father. On these happy, humor-filled missives, Dad farts out a new fragrance, raises a beer of good speculative cheer, coaches his kid on correct priorities, bursts a boy's bubble, bursts out as 'pop'corn, launches an assault against war, and mows grass and fishes bass with pride and joy.

You might be stuck with just one Pop, but you have plenty of Father's Day cards to choose from in this collection of Dada style artful mirth. There are even a few classy, flower-filled, emotion-laden greetings to give dear old Dad, if you so choose. How can he and you lose?