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Reviews and Ratings of NobleWorks Card by Customers

NobleWorks' Customer Reviews

"You guys help make an Atheist enjoy the age-old tradition of giving cards!" – Steve

"Thank-you... Mentally ill holiday cards are the best..." – Constance


"My hubby received the card 'St. Dude.' I couldn't get to your web site fast enough. So glad I did!" – Noela

"Love your cards - a real hit at parties!" – Judith

"Thank you! I love this card!! lol..." – Margaret

"My first visit to this site, and it is so fun!!!!!" – Patricia

"Please make sure card is wrapped in an envelope or something so my wife doesn't see what she is getting. Thank you" – Chad

"Thank you for your very helpful and nice customer service. I spoke to a very nice young girl when I called." – Christine

"OMG! I laughed so hard trying to pick these cards out.. I actually sent a few to friends who I knew where having a bad day... The website for me was almost overwhelming with ALL the hysterical stuff you offer, very funny, thank you..." – N/A

"LOVE YOUR CARDS!!!!" – Reagan

"I cannot believe how HARD it is to place an order! I got 8 cards and all the time when I went to order more, it said I had 2.It took me 1 1/2 hours to get the 8 cards!!! Your web site is awful.Still have to order 3 more cards on another order" – Denise P

"Leave on the front porch if not home." – Tom

"This order is one of two. I cannot even begin to tell you the things I experienced on your ordering web site. I almost gave up the order" – Denise P

"Thanks!" – Justin

"PS.. your cards are great!" – Bryan

"The cards are great, there is something for everyone." – Robert

"Thanks!" – Angela

"I can't wait I love sending my family cards for every occasion, they like it better then gifts because they never know what there going to get. thanks I'll be back" – Phil

"Enlarging the card to be able to read was a nice addition to your site." – Harold

"You have the greatest cards on the planet. could you give me a job?" – Ellen

"Birthday card for my gay brother, Davie. Happy 30th, Richard." – Joshua

"Please send ASAP" – Melissa

"Shopping here is such a pleasure. All the cards have me laughing, at the very least grinning from ear to ear, and who doesn't enjoy that?? Glad to see new cards and e-cards, too. Thank you for providing high quality paper, color, very reasonable prices, and very creative content!" – Renee

"Great fun cards!!" – Darlene

"I don't like this site." – Tenor

"Thanks for making a slow Friday fun!" – Glenn

"Love your cards, and my neighbor is going to start buying them your to good thanks" – Phillip

"Best selection of cards anywhere thank you." – Brian

"Need cards by This Friday - Thanks" – Daniel

"I had to get your this card. I laughed when I saw this. I love You. Teresa" – Teresa

"Website is not efficient, too time consuming, not convenient or easy to navigate- Difficult to go back to where you were swiftly after you add something to your cart!" – Bernadette

"Website freezes after every interaction. Need to fix that. Also need more updated Christmas cards. Seems like the same ones from last year" – Joan Denoncour

"Love your stuff! I'm buying these for a girl friend about to start chemo. Would like to see more snarky girl cards blank inside. The one with the gal drinking water wishing it was wine! awesome. My friend has to drink 1 gallon of water a day. and NO wine for the duration." – Dawn

"Must receive these cards by Monday Tuesday the latest." – Clint

"Another huge order! Could you tell HOW MUCH I love your cards? OMG! Seriously fantastic! Thank you for continuing to provide quality products that are appropriate for SO many occasions." – Renee

"You have the funniest cards ever!" – Lindsay

"I will never do this again even though the cards are great." – Nikki

"You are the greatest card company. I wish you were near me so I could work for you. Yes, I'm demented! Thanks, Sam." – Samuel

"You guys ROCK..! Would LOVE to see more"Thinking Of You"cards...Or"Just 'Cause..".."LOVE...(blank)..."Kind of stuff" – Tina

"I'm glad to see you have secured your checkout options!" – Jon

"If the inside greeting could be changed to 'We are not alone this Christmas' that would be great. Otherwise ship 'em." – Thomas

"I like the new website much easier to navigate" – Margaret

"Happy Birthday, Ron!" – MW

"Have a wonderful Holiday Season and keep up the GREAT WORK !!!" – James

"Thank You..Great Cards!" – Cal

"I wish you guys had multipacks of"straight-to-hell humor"cards for Christmas. I could buy everything on this site, I love it so much!" – Heath

"These cards are so funny!!! I am still laughing!!!" – Teresa H

"Finally decided to go with this, Adam. Thank You!" – Ronald

"I would love for you to offer your birthday cards as boxes as well. I was introduced to your cards years ago working at a gift store and I love them. Another company used to sell a funny card, it had the year on it and it had options to check off like '2012' Happy Birthday, Congrats, I Love You, Merry Christmas, Just Because. They don't have it any more. Thought it was something that you might be interested in making. / / Thanks." – Tara

"Thanks Ron! Happy birthday. Thank you for your service." – Amy

"My husband's birthday is Tuesday, December 6th. Is it possible that I could receive the card that I am purchasing by Tuesday, December 6th? I am awaiting an order in the mail from you, but didn't notice the card I am purchasing until I had already placed my order. Thank you." – Kerry

"I keep buying your ^$&%# cards. Damn you Go Comics!" – Lewis

"Please send asap. Thank you very much," – Bonnie

"Your cards are hilarious, but your web site tends to freeze very easily." – Elle

"Hi, sorry, I would have loved to have bought more but as I mentioned in my feedback, the site just doesn't respond well at all. (I don't have any other internet site issues.) Love the merchandise!" – Angela

"Website is painfully slow. I hope it's because tons of people are buying your great cards. Very funny stuff and great company." – Rick

"It would be great to have Friendship cards rather than so many birthday cards. I have dozens of friends I would love to send your cards to on an every day basis." – Ray

"I wish you would sell John Callahan postcards! Can't find them anywhere anymore... :(" – Susan

"You guys make the 'horrordays' merry and bright!" – Corinda

"My 81 year old Mother and I love your naughty cards!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Lynnette & Dee Rathel" – Doris

"Another dedicated customer!" – Tekla

"Took longer than anticipated. Lots to review. Wish some cards were easier to read" – Mario Shu

"My friends and family just love my crazy cards every Christmas!!! So much fun in a stressful season!" – Renee

"Could use another angry unicorn sitting." – Lee

"Personal contact when I had questions." – jbabl

"Excellent, the best service, the best value, the best way to spend a Fri night..." – eegjayne

"Love the cards ! Great selection, quality and easy to use. Recommend." – Steve K

"Delivers on time, checks orders and notifies you about potential errors" – jstermer

"Great selection of cards and easy ordering." – fliteking

"Super easy to browse and to checkout" – Joshua R

"Simple and cost efficient!!!" – n219dg

"AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" – BobandClint

"I love this company and their hilarious cards!" – lonelysatellite

"Fun cards. I try to buy all of my cards at Noble. Great prices!" – lovaast

"Excellent experience." – hsargous

"Great website, easy navigation, excellent product!" – Gail-Jon

"Good product, quick turn around, always have a discount code" – Evie Kelly

"One of the few places to find clever cards" – Collbride

"NobleWorks Cards has been my Go To card shop for several years now. Their cards are funny, high quality, inexpensive, and delivered to my door. NobleWorks makes card giving fun." – Smayfellow

"Good variety to choose from, good prices + free shipping makes a huge difference! Quick service." – Tracykadio

"I have been very happy with every order I placed with Noble Works; their cards are fantastic and their service is commendable!" – Leimeter

"This site has the most awesome cards you could ever ask for!" – SignofKaos

"Always FAST SHIPPING. GREAT DISCOUNTS. New items regularly. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE...!" – Tina4659

"Free shipping and always a discount price." – Louisehornyak

"Good merchandise" – eeh0615

"Funny Cards. I buy from here each year." – Snydogg

"No problems." – Mflip

"They are my favorite site for Christmas and funny cards!" – Lindy_rn

"So far, I'm extremely pleased" – Krushgrapes

"I thought the website was easy to use and they have a large selection" – eighty8kez

"Easy transaction and searching" – Slouchy

"I love this website! totally unique items and reasonably priced." – misselizabethmeza

"Always really great cards." – salnjudy

"2nd time I have ordered, the cards are always a big hit! Quality of the cards is excellent." – larquin

"Funny, creative offerings for sale" – corradski

"Very distinct products" – edougla2

"Great cards" – nancyjesse

"Always have a good time going over the cards. Makes Christmas and birthdays a snap." – icegoalie

"So far so good" – pookieginger

"Great selection!" – Patricetraina

"I've had great service on a great product." – Amy

"I've shopped here for the last 2 holidays for my greeting cards" – StephanieGaxiola

"Great Cards" – rsavas4

"Best selection of cards that I have ever seen. I have shopped this merchant before with no problems." – slmelod

"Noble Works has an excellent selection of cards that are generally only found in small boutiques." – dkellyhumphries

"This site is easy to use and has a wide selection of humorous cards for a variety of audiences" – mnahodil

"Very friendly web site." – scott.joynt

"Quick and easy." – bobmc1242

"Very funny and unique stuff!" – elottier

"Finally, a website with really great cards!" – bparra108

"Great Xmas cards" – marybradley01

"Great cards...just what I was looking for!" – craftylady7

"The site makes sifting thru choices easy and the 12 card bundle prices are great. Excellent selection of naughty and nice cards for all occasions. I am going to be a regular customer." – john.knaus

"The cards look really good!" – bschaltz

"Love this merchant!" – fcdigital

"I have been a fan for years." – fizzygiggle

"Great products, fast service, free shipping, discounts... What else could I ask for?" – krfitzy

"The sense of humor used in these cards fits my family to a t." – bshughes57

"It's the only place to get those funny holiday cards that everyone remembers!" – jmichael

"Love the site and ease of navigation." – divetwin

"I use them repeatedly." – jrbaum1

"Great Cards!" – wright.douglas

"Great selection and great prices. Love that it's POD on recycled paper." – lynrundell

"A wide selection of great cards. Do not have cards yet" – rrucier

"Great selection of funny Christmas cards." – jallen

"Happy with the site" – DC

"Love the selection!" – tntreah


"I love NobleWorks." – daduwa

"Too easy to buy - too, too easy. Heaven help my credit card..." – lynnette.martin

"Well designed site. Graphics are terrific. Easy, intuitive shopping experience." – kdonn63

"Very easy process. Easy page layout to review the items" – jncc1993

"Awesome. Funny and easy. Nice break :)" – elgatomuyloco

NobleWorks Alexa Reviews

"Lots of choices, with different kinds of humor for different kinds of people. Great humorous cards for every occasion and every age group!" – Rhia P

"Love these cards, and I buy them really often. Free shipping is good, and there are coupons on retailmenot too. definitely recommend" – Brittanyjae

"These cards make me laugh every time. I recommend them to everyone and anyone" – Caroliet098

"I was looking for some cards with adult humor (but not X-rated) and this website had just what I wanted. The prices were pretty good too." – pandamanda

"this site has great cards for people like me with a slightly twisted sense of humor. I can't find these cards anywhere else, and I am grateful that the site has everything I need." – evilrobot

"I bought the best Christmas cards of my life from here. When you deal with websites and dependencies, trust is necessary. They've got my trust. Great service. Its time for you people to experience the same. Cheers!" – Wemakeit

"Made it that much easier to find what I wanted. I loved the humor cards. Good content inside. Loved it! I highly recommend you to check it out. God bless!" – Foronce

"Finally a good place. also, helpful and useful site, easy to navigate. Those wonderful greeting cards has to be my favorite now. Simply rocking. If you're not going through, you're missing something." – loveisdivine

"Great stuff...lots of fun. I enjoyed their funny adult cards :D Recommended!" – Vanessa M.

"Looking for hilarious greeting cards? That's the place to go! Thousands of cards to choose from. When I am bored, I log in to NobleWorks to check on their cards and it really cheers me up. The site is very easy to navigate, and is quite fast too. You can find the type of card you are looking for in seconds (Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, etc). They have free e-cards, and the "naughty cards" section is definitely worth a visit!!" – Yvancg

"I will buy again for my business. thanks" – Kevenbeck

"is the best" – visitors

"I love shopping." – peter009

"Yes Cool!" – christopher88

"good design!" – avakonrobot

"High quality cards. I have never ever seen this type of quality service anywhere. Best collection. When you come up with an out of the box idea, you're surely gonna rock and so they are making it to the top and I know that. Feels good to be part from now itself :)" – stacygreen

"When you get quality service at such a platform, who would ever give a second thought :) ! I just love their birthday cards. prompt reliable information. Their website is very fast and responsive. I recommend this website. Thanks!" – Alex g

"I just loved it. I would have to say their service is best ever. Such awesome humor cards. Over expectations. Found everything in just the first result. I'm feeling lucky that I found this website. You must check them out ;)" – tomcarter

"Made it that much easier to find what I wanted. The site is manually maintained and also provides free eCards. Good content inside. Loved it! I highly recommend you to check it out. God bless!" – timsouthey

"Finally a good place. what an amazing cards. Helpful and useful site, easy to navigate. This site has to be my favorite now. Simply rocking. If you're not going through this, you're missing something." – true to it

"This is a good website, and I love their tracking order status feature as well. It's just amazing!!" – Facebook User

"Oh my goodness! What a perfect website.. Got my cards.. And they're best till date. :)" – Facebook User

"This is the cheapest of all card providing websites. I buy my cards only from one shop.. nobleworks cards :D" – Facebook User

"I got my Christmas cards from this website. and my friends loved it. Couldn't be better than this" – Facebook User

"I have visited like hundreds of website but there's something different about this. I just like the content on this website." – Facebook User

"So far everything you've sent me has been really well received. This is my second order and I am sure to receive top notch service and best cards. Thanks again for your top shelf service." – Anne s.

"I have always been treated professionally by the staff at a fair price. And site design is really perfect for every card lover." – Richard McRae

"Me and my friend love all their cards. This time in we booked 2 orders from seeing it in the site. I highly recommend that to all age peoples looking for high quality and better cards. Try it just once if need be." – Wallace y.

"This certainly kitschy cards shop will give you what you want. Traditional cards to some pretty bizarre stuff, they've got it all!" – sarra28

"GREAT STORE... The owner is the best and the staff is so friendly and helpful..." – Reba m.

"Lots of cheap cards here if you' re into that thing plus the quality is good so it's a steal." – Faye

"These guys are just amazing with very good range of cards." – Jeffrey e.

"Nobleworks cards is absolutely the best thing that ever happened during my wedding planning. Thanks to the their team, my very favorite detail of the day were their cards which they have sent me! After my first order, I felt very confident in their ability to provide what I was looking for. They really spent a lot of time working with me to ensure they could provide what I wanted and constantly followed up with me via email about budget and cards options. I had a great time working with them. It was actually really fun! I could cry with appreciation. I intend on telling every single person to be about NobleWorks cards and I vow to not let a single event that I organize go without nobleworkscards' card design. Thank you very much." – Deborah t.

"The owner and staff were extremely helpful in meeting our needs. Their cards were within my budget. Who could ask for anything more? NobleWorks cards was the easiest the work with among all the others we worked with on our big day! Thanks guys! You are AMAZING!" – Dana

"I normally NEVER submit online reviews regarding products, but this time I had to... NobleWorks cards are the BEST!!!! That is the bottom line. I ordered my birthday cards and not only was the design beautiful and reasonably priced, but the shipment arrived early! I was so impressed! Looking forward to doing business with you next year." – cecilyvz

"I found some of the funniest birthday jokes and cards I have ever seen on this site. Great cards better than any other out there, very good prices, quick delivery and free shipping. Super service!" – unutedgamerz

"What a wonderful cards... I ordered birthday cards for my girlfriend, and she was amazed... It made her 22nd birthday special! I wish I had found your site earlier. I will be back again and again, and I've told all my friends and family about your service so they will be using it soon!" – petronyj

"Your cards are the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. They are really HQ and too funny, I absolutely fell in love with them! Thanks for such a wonderful service and please keep up the great work. I highly recommend this e-shop." – usdabs

"I just wanted to thank you for having such funny and personalized birthday cards. They are so great and really made my daughter's birthday special. I can't wait for someone's birthday to buy new cards. Thanks for great service!" – tony212

"In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. NobleWorks Cards was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of cards I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!" – atropete

"I received my 250 New year's Cards by UPS yesterday! Wow, only three days from when I place my order. Good work, guys! It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and your cards are just what we wanted. Thanks!" – agvantati

"NobleWorks cards has saved us money on birthday cards for our employees. We used to spend quite a bit more ordering cards for only 2 occasions (birthdays and New Years). We can now order cards for valentine and other occasions due to the price difference. I appreciate the fact that even though the price is lower than many other vendors, the quality is still great, and the shipping is free. Keep up with the good work!" – clarke85

"I used to order cards from other companies but since I found your cards, I'm ordering from you. I found the cards are funny, unique, high quality and a variety in the selection which I appreciate. All this and a reasonable price. Can't beat it. Thanks!" – wifila7

"Thanks for such fast action. You really know how to win new customers over. We look forward to buy new funny birthday cards from you! Awesome quality, awesome prices, awesome deals! I highly recommend NobleWorks Cards." – susanmil

"Hmm so this is the first time I have visited NobleWorks cards. Christmas is coming so it was usual as every year to send early cards so I searched in Google for latest cards and landed here, believe me I am very happy with their services and appreciate their support for answering my silly questions. But it was worth it and I would like to let everyone know that their support team is awesome and they went en extra mile to make sure our account information is safe and processed behind a highly secure payment processing gateway, that's what I liked most about them. Apart from that their cards are very cheap and I was very surprised to read about the free shipping! I have placed my 2 set of order for Christmas, I hope to get it tomorrow. So far I am happy with their customer support and services. Overall I would give them 5/5." – sallygrove

"Just stopped here to share this fast loading website, I have slow 256 kbps internet and get annoyed when I have to wait 5-10 minutes before a site loads up but this website so far is the fastest website and I can change pages easily. I will give it 9.5 out of 10 for it's fast response time." – randalldejesus

"Seriously their Retro section is great food for our mind. I hope most of the guys know what do I mean :-D If not just go ahead and have a look. Trust me you'll love it like I do." – gloriabarnes

"I am very happy today with their service, truly quick delivery and that also for free? It makes them the best among all other card suppliers and to show my love I have chosen them as a lifetime card supplier. I hope they can always make me feel great like this time. Thanks a lot Nobleworks cards team." – evasmith

"LMAO what can I say, I have just visited their website. Since then I am still laughing and can't stop myself really great jokes. Many thanks for such a great laugh. Just placed my first order and was very happy with the quotes I mean WOW! so much for pennies. Thank you very much." – sandywozniak

"Hey friends, STOP! I know we all use internet to wish our loved one's happy birthday, marriage wish and a lot of other happy wishes so today I am sharing my top secret which I use to impress my friends. Yes, you guessed it right it's NobleWorks cards why? Because they are the best and have best price even a 5th grade student can afford it. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and impress your friends and family members with greeting cards, jokes, text from NobleWorks cards." – rickywilson

"I am very impressed with the cards available at NobleWorksCards. Really great work done by them, tomorrow is Christmas and I have just placed an order for 1600 cards and will you believe it was only $2.95? Truly great deals for every occasion. I highly recommend them." – robertalcantara

"I like its content. It shows very good jokes and cards so I will give it more then five stars. I like the quality of images, overall a great site. 5 Start from me for it's great and regularly updated content. Please keep it updated :-)" – rlsarenehanr

"I saw a place where publishing and printing funny cards is the main business. Here, unusual humor and irony are practically a religion, in fact, sarcastic funny birthday poems often make it into our prayers, give it a try..." – kokoarena

Saint Misbehavin':Modern-Day Saints You've Never Heard Of

"NobleWorks is a greeting card company run by Ron Kanfi, and they've always made the funniest cards in the business. This hilarious book by Mr. Kanfi is no exception. I found myself laughing out loud with every page. It pokes fun at the pantheon of Christian saints, making up its own silly names. It would make a great gift for a college student or anyone looking for a laugh." – Matthew K

"Topical, funny, and just a little blasphemous, this is a great book that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face – even the Pope! Ron Kanfi's writing is razor-sharp, and the illustrations are hilarious." – Scott N.

"I am into hagiography (the life of Saints), but never imagine this could be such a fun subject for a book! Very creative and highly recommended... especially to fervent Catholics ;) AT" – LenAZ"Len"

"Totally great!" – Michael F

"Well now I have a reason to go to church...I must confess how much delight this book gave me being a Catholic girl and going to parochial school...some of these saints reminded me of the nuns and priest and their secret personalities!! Two very enthusiastic robes up...I mean thumbs!!" – Catherine G.

"Very funny, irreverent as it is. Some 'saints' are a little risque, so be warned. Give one to your favorite lapsed Catholic, though you don't have to be Catholic to laugh at these modern day saints." – edriejk

"Excellent Fun book, bought more than one for Xmas presents." – Rebja

"I've purchased a copy for myself and am passing it around to my mostly Catholic friends. Must read for everyone!!!" – Nikhilboorla

"Great fun, clever, witty, a little sarcastic, and a delight. Bought many as gifts and all were very well received..." – PJ Howard

"Kanfi took me on a spiritual journey like I've never been before. His saintly bios made me raise my hands and scream Alleluiah!!" – Mark Hartnett

"A great book! You don't even have to be Catholic to enjoy it! NobleWorks always delivers funny stuff." – D. Collins

"I needed a good laugh..and that's what I got from page 1 of this book. I was shocked to find that several of my friends are saints. Living in Los Angeles, I know many people that could be St. Sheila, the patron saint of Botox Injections! I roared!" – Sue K.

"I had originally gotten this book as a gift for a friend, but I liked it so much that I had to get one for myself as well. This is a funny and witty book that is in a category of its own. I've never seen something like this before. Trust me, it won't just be sitting on your coffee. Once you pick it up, you have to read through it. It's too funny to put down." – Morgan SG

"Who said saints were holier than thou? Whether you're a Catholic, a Buddhist, an atheist or an agnostic, I dare you to not giggle at this collection of crazy saints that are modernized and misbehaving' up a storm. I bought this book for a gal pal of mine who is obsessed with patron saints and she hasn't stopped laughing since. I give it 5 saintly stars." – Sassy Sammy

"So I saw this on Noble Works while surfing their site and getting some cards and let me just say that when I saw this, I HAD to get it! My boyfriend is a strict Christian and even he had a laugh at this! This is highly recommended! Btw, NobleThanks25 gives people a 25% discount on Noble Works! ;D Enjoy!" – RinChan

"We are all lead to believe that Saint can't misbehave, that's what I thought anyway, until now, because after reading the very amusing and funny book I had to change my mind. This book was very entertaining and very nice to read, it made me laugh and it made me think at the same time, when you'll read it you'll know what I am talking about." – Mr. Romolo Lerza

"This book is full of hilarious illustrations alongside incredibly witty writing. If you enjoy laughing by yourself, with your friends, or on the toilet, I'd highly recommend this book!" – Kevin Tran

"This little book is full of witty, topical humor. It fuses the concept of Catholic saints with modern-day stereotypes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, laugh-out-loud read." – Jack Roeder

"I enjoyed this book - very light and breezy and full of fun. A pantheon of saints for the new age. Now if only the Vatican would adopt..." – Farrington

"This book is more than just a witty read. The artwork on each page is absolutely magnificent. They've spared no expense on the quality of the printing, so it's worth every cent. It's the kind of thing you can have lying around on the coffee table as a conversation piece" – Tim Whyatt

"If you need a good laugh buy this book and send a copy to all your friends. Ron is chronically funny with a dollop of irreverence just for good measure." – Lisa H.

"I started reading the book at the kitchen table. My snickers grew louder and more intense. Since I'm not an easily laugh, my Irish Catholic mother inquired what was prompting the humor. I told her it was a book about modern day saints, but I didn't think she'd appreciate it because it, umm, could offend. I surrendered the book and she gasped, turned more pages, gasped again, turned more pages, giggled, more, laughed, more and then exploded with mirth. Then, gathering herself with the proper decorum, she snapped the book shut. There was silence. A very long pause was interrupted as she asked if I thought Aunt Kay and Aunt Pat would appreciate it. I assured her they would. I know well that in order to keep my own copy, I shall have to reorder multiples. Wickedly, it's now on my Christmas list as an item of both shock and awe. I cannot wait to share the laughs and imagine the gasps. Yes, it's absolutely that good." – S.Morrison

"Fortunately, no. But this is good clean fun, beautifully realized in a neat little, high-quality book." – S.D.Thompson

"Great for parties, gifts, coffee tables, bathrooms... Lots of smiles and laughs in this delightful book on, shall we say, lesser-known saints? A little naughty, yes. But lots of harmless fun!" – Susan B.

"You might have never heard of these saints before but I guarantee you that you will find the saint that you could relate to. This book is for those who have misbehaved in the past. Or for those of you who are still misbehaving...very funny, highly recommended!" – Kyusung

"This is a laugh out loud book. It's clever, timely and does not disappoint. It's the perfect gift - so I'll be buying another, and another, and another!" – Deborah Levin

"Who knew religion could be so fun? First God gave us the gift of laughter, now Ron Kanfi re-gifts. This book should be in every Vatican bathroom (and yours too!)" – Steven K.

"This book is clever and extremely funny. I've given it to 2 relatives who had spent their childhoods in the Catholic church, and needless to say some serious laughing occurred. Thanks for a wonderful book!" – DeeDee

"Saint Misbehaving is beautifully crafted with color and foil and the text is just great fun. There is indeed a patron saint for all of us! Great gift idea, especially for Catholic school grads!" – Kara

"NobleWorks does it again!!! Everyone needs a good laugh and this book gives it to you! A great buy for a friend or to have handy when you have company over. You'll be rolling on the floor for sure!!!!!!" – N.Beer

"Beautifully bound and illustrated. Looks like the real thing! Tempted to take and read during Mass...sure the priest would like it, too! Good laughs. Plan to leave out, so company can appreciate. Need to check out his other works. Recommend"highly", in reference to St. Dude!" – Katie1977

"Finally, a Good Book that makes the Catholic Church seem contemporary. By wrapping sinful behavior in Saints' clothing, Ron Kanfi will have you laughing all the way to confession. There aren't enough stars in Heaven for this one." – John K.

"This book is hilarious! I went to Catholic School, and I recognize a lot of these characters from my childhood, but the updated saints are much cooler. I showed the book to my friends, and we picked out a"saint"for each of us. I'm"Saint Dude"and my best friend is"St. Marcus the Moocher."My girlfriend isn't Catholic, but she's totally"St. Carl@Crackberry."I think I'm going to give this book out next Christmas!" – nyBookMan

Life Is Like a Box of Dirty Diapers: And Other Twisted Truisms

"This book is hilarious! From cover to end, every pictures and captions are so funny. Simply clever. Highly recommended!" – Kyusung

"Get ready to laugh until you pee your pants! (well not really but you could possibly because it is that funny) Ron has done it again—this book does not disappoint." – N.Beer

"this is a very funny book, spoofing those sickening"motivational posters you see in corporate offices and"Sky Mall"magazine. If your corporate-lackey-friend is feeling no love in this crappy economy,"life is like a box of dirty diapers"will make a great gift." – MK

"Inspired by motivational posters, this book is full of satirical humor that pokes fun at the average American's everyday life. Clever and topical, this book has something in it for everyone." – Jack R.

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"This book is incredibly fun. Take a look inside the book. You will be laughing when you read things like – If you are not having good success, don't skydive. – or Job Security"They can't fire you if they can't find you." – and more incredibly funny statements. I loved the quotes so much I wish I could find posters with these quotes on them. Buy this book if you want a good laugh!" – Avid Reader

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